August 15, 1995 – Tuesday – 6:05 p.m.

I am in my room in McAlister Hall.  RA training began today.  I have two hours of free time.

Yesterday, I watched a couple of movies, A River Runs Through It and Interview With the Vampire.  Both were great, but Interview was a little too evil for me.

I saw Lees-McRae Summer Theater’s production of The Secret Garden last night.  It was wonderful.  Afterwards I spent some time talking to Michelle in her apartment.  She is the Assistant RD.  She took Gayle’s place.  I also visited with Charlie for a while.

My transition has been made.

I found out yesterday that Mr. Martz moved to another school to teach.  I heard that from Derek, who still acts really weird around me.  But those are stories from long ago.

New stories are beginning…

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