August 14, 1995 – Monday – 12:47 a.m.

A lot has happened.

I am now in the community of Heaton near Banner Elk, NC.  I am in Clifton’s bedroom, he’s sleeping downstairs on the couch.  Crystal and I just got finished watching Sommersby.  My eyes were not dry.  Wonderful!

To me, today is still Sunday.  Yesterday’s wedding of Kathy and Henry was amazing.  They had never kissed each other until that moment there at the altar when they became husband and wife.

Kevin had secretly planned me a going-away/birthday party that night.  Marcus, Mike, Tim, John, Jenna, and Tenielle were all over there.  It was special to me.  It’s always good to know people are going to miss you.

Earlier that day though, I went to see Christi, but she was out, so Andy, Marcus, Kevin, and I watched the skit group video.  Such beautiful memories.  My eyes were not dry then either.  Simply wonderful!

So, to me the summer ended the school year began.  Everyone hugged me at church!  Charlie lost 20 pounds and this evening, Clifton and Crystal threw me a welcome back party.  Everyone from the youth group was here.  I mean everyone!

Just when I thought no one was noticing me, everyone from both of my church families came to see me come and go.

I love you Lord!  You are the giver of families.

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