August 12, 1995 – Saturday – 1:30 p.m.

Mom and I went shopping this morning.  I got a few things for school and she bought me some jeans.

Twenty-four hours from now I will be in Banner Elk.  My summer, the summer of 1995, is coming to a close.

Looking back through my Book of Days, I believe these were the highlights of the past three months: going to Myrtle Beach with Jonathan, Mandy, and Dana, talking to Emily for over two hours over the phone, seeing Braveheart with Mike, that long walk with my mom after seeing The Bridges of Madison County, being amazed by the fireflies at the railroad tracks, buying a “Homeboy 25 cent Bumpin’ Snack Stick”, meeting and flirting with Barbie at work, my amazing Fishnet experience, surviving days of eager anticipation, spending over four hours in Cusseta, Alabama desperately wanting to get to Emily, hugging Emily, looking into her eyes, touching her, seeing her smile, being confused, feeling broken, walking the streets of Crestview with her, seeing her crying place, and noticing each and every second of beauty that passed by.

The summer is over, but my adventure is only just beginning.

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