August 11, 1995 – Friday – 3:30 p.m.

I’ve been thinking…

I wish I had never heard the word “love.”  Love is God.  And, yes, I know God, but he knows by my heart that I love him.  He knows by my actions. Love’s sweet name is Jesus.  It is God.  I don’t want to use the word “love” ever again.  The world has taken away its true beauty and meaning.  I love the Lord and I will tell him.  Perhaps I will tell my relatives.

But isn’t love beyond words?  Why should I tell someone “I love you” if they can’t already see it in my eyes, or experience it through my actions, or feel it when I touch them?  So many people have said that they loved me, but it was news to me, because I had never experienced their love before.  And if I hadn’t experienced their love, then they did not love me.

Why should the most powerful force in the universe be given a title or a name other than “God?”

Therefore, I don’t want to know the name given to the feeling or the knowing.

Is one less sick for not knowing the name of the disease?

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