July 13, 1995 – Thursday – 1:15 p.m.

Last night’s service was great!  I opened my heart to the Lord and worshipped Him

Then as the sun was setting, I thought of my own sun, Emily.  My new sun.  But then, I turned my head and saw the huge full moon on the other side of the earth, just beginning to rise.

I’ve been thinking about Emily a lot!  I’m surrounded by thousands of new faces, but my mind is on one girl in Florida.

I bought two more T-shirts and a tape last night.  It’s very hot here.

Kenny couldn’t come.  I miss him.

I feel so free.  Everything is great!  I’m learning a lot.

Thirty-one days until Banner Elk.

Twenty-one days until Crestview.

Thirteen days until Deep Creek.

Fishnet is now!

Jesus Christ is my best friend!

I no longer want to just be a great filmmaker.

I just want to be a filmmaker who in love with Jesus.

I want to read this again in the future to help me remember the freedom I feel in this moment.

Jacob, Jesus is the answer to everything.

This is your own self telling you this.

Trust me.

Never forget.

Jesus is right there next to you and he’s everything you’re looking for.


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