July 6, 1995 – Thursday – 10:05 p.m.

I got paid today.

So, I went to Asheboro.  A storm came up and slowed me down, but I made my way through it.  Thunderstorms occur every evening here.

In Asheboro, I bought $33 worth of T-shirts, boxers, and socks.  I watched Pocahontas and then met up with Mike and his dad to see Judge Dredd.  I enjoyed The Lion King much more than Pocahontas, but I like Pocahontas for mainly one reason, Pocahontas herself.  I know she is only a cartoon, but she is beautiful.  Inside and out.

Banner Elk is in 38 days.

Crestview is in 28.

Deep Creek in 20.

Fishnet in 6.

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