June 30, 1995 – Friday – 10:15 p.m.

Another month is over.

I’m another month closer to August 14th.

Forty-four more days.

Kevin and I saw Apollo 13 tonight.  It was great.  A touching story.

Jonathan is really annoying me these days.  Every little thing he does gets on my nerves.  Please give me patience with him Lord.

I saw Grant at the movie theater tonight.  He is holding up.  I thank God for Chatham Central.  I hope my days at Lees-McRae go by slowly.

These days go by slowly.  My summer of ’95.  I’ve had some good days and some bad.  One day I’m up, the next day I’m down.

I wait for my friend.

I wait for heaven.

I wait to be free.

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