June 8, 1995 – Thursday – 5:30 p.m.

I worked 10 hours today.

I did the front line for the first seven hours.  While working, I served a girl I once knew.  A girl I knew when I was in the fourth grade.  Her name is Andrea.  I don’t believe I have mentioned her in my journal before.  Even in the fourth grade I remember thinking she was everything.  I told Danny to tell her that I loved her and he did.  She smiled.  The next day she said I was her boyfriend.  Embarrassed, I denied it when a friend asked me.  She was standing right there and was shocked and hurt.

She was very beautiful today.

My hands began to shake.

And then she was gone.

She stared at me in a peculiar way.

Perhaps she recognized me.

Now she is the mother of two.

She is 20-years-old and she lives above a fire station in Bonlee.

She is not married.

I wonder at times if she still thinks about me like I think about her.


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