May 27, 1995 – Saturday – 5:46 p.m.

May is coming to a close.

I went to work this morning.  They put me in the back drive-thru.  The only thing you do back there is take money and orders.  It’s very easy and you don’t have to put up with the attitudes of the other workers.  I even had time to pray while I was back there.

At the moment, the only people here at the house are Nate and I.  Everyone has gone some place.

I will make it through this summer, but I can’t do this again next summer.

I got a letter from the Lees-McRae Performing Arts Department yesterday.  It said that I got $1,000 for a talent scholarship next year, as well as a $75 fee waiver, and $400 for being the videographer.  I was so excited to hear they gave me the videographer position.  That is a total of $1,475 and that’s just from the Performing Arts Department.

I’m coming up with a plan.  I think my last day of work is going to be the 29th of July and around the beginning of August I want to try to see Emily in Florida.  I want to go alone if possible; this is just something I need to do by myself.

It is worth it to work 45 hours a week just for the moment in which I get to hold Emily.

This might not be much of a summer at the moment, but if all goes as planned it might turn into the greatest summer yet!!


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