April 17, 1995 – Monday – 1:40 a.m.

It’s early Monday morning.  Easter Sunday is over and it was a super nice day!

Emily called me about an hour and a half ago.  I just got off the phone with her.  Her Spring Break has begun and she is going to stay in a condo on the beach all of next week.

We talked about so many things.  She says that she is going to use their video camera and video herself, her family, and some of her friends and send it to me.

I hope she does.  That would be really sweet.

She told me about her life and school and the way she sees things.  She says that she is so high on life these days.  I wish I was with her.  I am I suppose.  She sees me as a big part of her life.

She is definitely a huge part of mine.

She is finding her tomorrow.  She is smiling.  She is happy.  She is the most amazing girl I know.

I want her Lord.  However I can have her I will take her.  If she is only a friend, hundreds of miles away, then I am happy.  If she is more, I am happy.  If she is less, then I will have my memory to make me happy.

Another story has begun.

Another chapter.

Another note.  However, this note began to play before the idea of the never-ending Canon in D came along.

I will write this story one day at a time.

Until the next story begins.

This is the story about the Angel and her Prince.  It began almost two years ago.

And I pray it never ends.

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