April 14, 1995 – Friday – 11:25 a.m.

April is already half over.

I sent Emily a letter yesterday.  I miss her.

I have no classes today and Monday due to Easter.  I was supposed to judge a talent show today, but that was cancelled.

Last night we had the Agape Service at church.  Everyone ate a meal together and there was some singing and preaching.  I was next to Shannon in line.  She talked to me a little.  I don’t believe I’ve mentioned her before, but she is a very beautiful freshman at ASU in Boone.  Every guy at church stands in awe of her beauty.  We just talked about school.

Laura and I also talked a little bit.

In one month I will be on my way home.

My freshman year of college is almost over.  It went by so quickly.  I did get the position as an RA for next year.  I’ll be on the same floor as I am now.  Charlie will most likely be the Assistant RD over all of Back Campus.

I have to be back here on August 15, 1995 for my training.  I will spend my 19th birthday here.

That is four months from now.  And I’ll spend three of those four months in Siler City, NC.

And so I continue on.  The summer of 1995.

And before I know it, it’ll be the 21st Century.

Who sees?

Does Charlie see?

Does Shannon see?  Does Laura see?

Does Lees-McRae see?

Does Jenna see?  Does Tenielle?

Does Marcus?  Kevin?  Jonathan?

Emily sees.  All too well!

Do I?

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