April 6, 1995 – Thursday – 7:05 p.m.

Things are great!

Charlie has set up a game called “Assassin.”  Thirty people on campus are playing.  This is how it works:  You enter in your name and a name is given back to you.  I got Lisa’s name.  You have to shot this person with a water gun or squirt them with water.  Somebody on campus has my name.  I am being hunted.

You can’t shoot the person in their room or in the bathroom.

Lisa has a class at 6:30 p.m. in the Bowman Science Building.  I knew that, so I hid out until she came by.  I nailed her!  Boom.  Right in the face!  It was so intense.  My heart was beating was loudly.  And this was just water.  I don’t know how people find the guts to fire real bullets at people.

Since I killed her, she had to give me the name of the person that she was assigned to shoot.  His name is Troy.  He’s one of the guys I went to see Outbreak with last week.  He is in his room right now, so I will get him later.

I was paid $400 yesterday thanks to my work study check and my McDonald’s check from spring break!  Thank you Lord!

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