April 4, 1994 – Tuesday – 4:00 p.m.

Things have been a bit hard recenty.  I’ve been sick with a cold.  My nose has been running and my head has been stuffed up; I missed my 8:00 a.m. class today and yesterday.

I also have been second guessing my plans for the summer.  It makes so much sense for me to live at home in Siler City.  I already have a job there and I won’t have to pay rent or provide for myself.  I will make a lot more money and save that money for the upcoming year.

But the church has asked me to stay here to help with drama.  I won’t have a car up there.  Also, what about Jonathan?

Father God, you see everything.  Please show me where you want me to be.  I give it to you.  Help me Lord.  I am nothing without you.

I realize that I do have a home.  I can go back.

But whatever happens Lord, please provide me a way to see Emily this summer.  I give the summer of ’95 to you Lord.

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