March 29, 1995 – Wednesday – 9:54 a.m.

I have never been an angel’s prince until now.  I asked Emily if I could be her prince Sunday night.  She said yes.

Emily said that she knew something about me when she met me on June 19, 1993.  I asked her to tell me.  She told me to close my eyes and imagine the earth from a viewpoint in space.  Now, picture billions of little white lights circling the earth at high speed.  Now picture one of those lights turning red and moving away from the earth only to turn back and see all the movement and madness circling the earth.  It is only those red lights that are able to truly see what is going on.  She told me she had finally met another red light when she met me.  Someone who is not part of the madness and who stands at a distance to observe it for what it really is.  Someone who truly sees with his heart and his with his eyes.

I told Emily that I felt like I had known her forever, but also that I didn’t really know her at all.  She said, “Jacob, you know more about me than anyone on this earth.  You are the only one who understands me.”

I wrote her a letter last night.  I will mail it today.

All else is normal, but I feel as if something new has just begun.  Something that will stay with me forever.


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