March 1, 1995 – Wednesday – 10:35 p.m.

And now this March 1st is over.

We did not have Team Meetings tonight, so I went to C.H.I.L.L. and G.A.G., the two youth meetings at church.  The G.A.G. group went to a funeral home to see the aunt of some girl in the youth group.  But we went to the wrong one and it was some guy.  It was funny and embarrassing at the same time.

Crystal was there tonight.  We went to get some food at a place called San Dee’s in Newland, NC and then we went back to church.  We all rode in a van and had so much fun.  Crystal laughed at my jokes, as did everyone else.  Everybody thought I was funny.  New memories were made tonight.

I see a storm coming.

But it’s over three years away.

These walls in my heart are beginning to open, only to let them close again.

I will say hello, knowing I will one day say goodbye.

I will dream in the summer time, knowing Winter is on it’s way.

I will walk in fresh green grass, only to walk in the dead brown grass.

I will live through some of the best days of my life, only to relive them in retrospect.

I will let a new sun rise, knowing that the storm will come and rain tears of lightning on my world full of happiness.

I will save one more person as I whistle to The Female Bird.

I will invest in this land, knowing I will soon see it in the rearview mirror.

And I will challenge the deep, and dare to let the never-ending Canon in D continue, only to add it to my collection.


To honor Jesus and slowly save the world.

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