March 1, 1995 – Wednesday – 10:02 a.m.

It’s already March.

January and February are over.

March 1st.  Wow!!!

One year ago, I wrote about how I busted out laughing in a Methodist Church when a kid stuck his finger in his dad’s ear.

And today I have just returned from a Human Biology test that I did poorly on.  Later, I’ll go to Math Reasoning and Applications, then onto lunch and working in the post office.

The lady I work with is named Gwen.  She’s a local mountain person and we have a lot of fun and pick on each other.  I enjoy my job.

Then I’ll go to Stagecraft and then to dinner followed by Performing Arts Team Meetings tonight.  Hopefully after that I’ll be able to make it to church.

I’ll enjoy today, for it’s an entire year until the next March 1st!

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