February 25, 1995 – Saturday – 7:45 p.m.

It has begun!

At this time I am in the Pinnacle Room on the campus of Lees-McRae College.  The final performance of A Piece of My Heart will begin in fifteen minutes.  I have enjoyed being a lighting technician.

We had a show earlier today at 3:00 and guess who came?

Charlie came, but guess who was with him?  Melissa and Laura.  And who was with Laura?  I don’t know his name, but he was a guy.  They sat right in front of the lighting and sound table.  I could see them.

During the show, I watched them.  They held hands.  He placed his hand on her knee.  They were close.

And you know what?  I enjoyed every minute of it.

“I have felt this way before,” I thought.  And I have; with almost every girl that is important to me now: Ryan, Tenielle, Jenna, Christi.

I was happy.


Because it reminded me off my past.  The past I love and cherish.

And now a new past has begun.  I realize that I will miss this place very soon.  All these new smiles, these new looks, these new smells.

I say let these new memories begin.

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