February 21, 1995 – Tuesday – 10:15 p.m.

It snowed today.  It was warm yesterday.  The weather is weird here in Banner Elk.

A Piece of My Heart opened tonight.  We had a great audience and everything went smoothly.  People were crying.

Jeni ushered for the show tonight.  Jeni’s sister had sent me an email a while back saying that whenever Jeni broke up with her previous boyfriend she had stopped eating.  So, she asked me to keep an eye out for her.  I knew that Jeni was eating so I didn’t worry about it.  Anyway, it turns out Jeni broke into my email today to see if her sister had sent me anything.  She knew my password, so she just logged in; unbelievable.  After finding her sister’s email, Jeni sent me an email that was very harsh.  She was upset and she took it all out on me and cut me down.

I wrote her back saying that it was my fault and that she is still wonderful and perfect and beautiful and that she never did anything wrong.  I told her I was sorry that I wasn’t happy with her and I that I would always remember her fondly.

I had been receiving bad vibes from her all day so I decided to give her a call to clear things up.  It is difficult to recall everything that was said.  Things were hard at first.  She said this past week, she tried her best to not even look at me because she knew it would hurt too much.

I apologized for the way I had been acting.  She told me how she felt and how she was hurt.  She said she didn’t know how to be my friend.  We talked for about an hour.  I began to joke around.  She began to laugh.  We had fun.

Then, I said, “Jeni, can I tell you something and you not take it too hard or personal?”

She said, “yes.”

“I love you.”

She simply said, “Thank you” and cried.  Things are easier now than they were and I am happy.

So, at this moment, that story is complete.  However, her name will be mentioned again.  This is not the last you will hear of Jeni.  And for the same reason, I am certain that Laura and Crystal’s name will be mentioned again; as well as Jenna’s, Tenielle’s, Christi’s, Ryan’s, Veronica’s, Emily’s and Renee’s.

These names are carved in stone.  Renee’s name is carved in stone simply because of a smile.  Some of these people I may never see again.  But that doesn’t mean their story ends.  I am still able to dream.

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