February 9, 1995 – Thursday – 10:50 p.m.

Things are actually good.

Jeni and I are fine.  We talk.  We laugh.  We smile.

We are still special in a certain way.  We talk about simple things.

I like us this way.

Tonight we had a Bible study in my room.  It was only me, Charlie, Ricky, and his girlfriend Kellie.  She is really nice.  We all got along pretty well.

I talked to Cheryl, Ryan, and Amy these past two days and it looks like they may come up and see me next weekend.  That would be so wonderful.

I also talked to Jenna and Tenielle.  They are doing okay.  Jenna bought me an eagle necklace.  They said that they miss me.

I am happy.

Jesus loves me.

Jesus died for me.

And he is the one character who will last throughout all my Books of Days.


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