February 11, 1995 – Saturday – 1:15 a.m.

This Friday has been awesome!

Today I called a few people from High School.  I talked to Wynne and Grant.  They’re great and I got their email addresses.

It was nice talking about those good ole days.

Then tonight, Charlie’s roommate from last year, Steven, came to visit him for the weekend.  The three of us went over to Sharon’s.  We ate dinner there and then Steven, Charlie, and Laura and I went sledding down this huge hill through their Christmas tree farm.

It was magical.  They had made a ramp and I jumped it backwards on my first time down and landed on my neck.  It scared me a bit so I took it easy.  Laura and I didn’t go down as much as Steven and Charlie did.

Laura is the middle of Sharon’s three daughters.  She is 15, I believe, and really beautiful; I mean insanely beautiful.

We talked for a while.  She is really awesome.  After sledding we played Taboo and then we all just talked for the longest time.

We stayed there for over six hours.  That home is becoming my safe haven.  Thank you Lord.

Sharon was shocked to hear about Jeni and I, but I told her why and she understood.

Laura had also just recently broke up with her boyfriend.  We both talked about that and seemed to understand each other.

She is interested in being a part of the drama ministry at church.  She does theater in high school.

It’s early Saturday, but before we know it…even this day will be over.


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