February 8, 1995 – Wednesday – 12:38 a.m.

It happened.

It’s over.

Only four and a half months.

Jeni and I aren’t a couple anymore.

What was it all for?

What did I learn?


I suppose I will find out why in time.

She was wonderful and I love her.

I loved her so much that I wanted her forever.

The way things were going, I couldn’t keep her forever.  So I thought it would be best to simply be her friend.  I’m sure that I can keep her forever that way.

I will miss her.

I will miss her family.

She is not withdrawing from school.  She says she will finish the semester and then she will see.

I am okay.

I feel better.

This way I will always love her and never have bad feelings for her.

Thank you Jeni.

Thank you so much.

Another note has played.

Another name written down in my collection.

She will remain special.

I will never forget her.

She was beautiful.

She was mine.

I was hers.

We were special for four and a half months.

And four and a half months will do.


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