January 28, 1995 – Saturday – 11:15 a.m.

Last night, Kristi let Derek and I play Donkey Kong Country on her Super Nintendo.  That game is so awesome!

I’m sitting here on my bed with all my journals right next to me.

Things have definitely changed.

I miss everyone, but it is forever gone and that really hurts.

Jeni and I don’t have a history together like Christi and Ryan and I had.  We are forming it, but it takes time to grow close.

Sometimes, things between Jeni and I still get too close physically.  It’s getting in the way of why I really love her and I want us to back away from that.

I love Jeni, but sometimes she just needs to lighten up and not let things get to her.  She got upset at me for watching Silence of the Lambs, yet in Cincinnati she unbuttoned her own shirt while kissing me.  It just doesn’t make sense.

This is a good life, but I still want to be free.

I don’t want to be hurt again.

Help me Lord.

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