January 8, 1995 – Sunday – 11:45 p.m.

I am in Albany, Georgia.

Just a day ago I was in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It has been a weird day.

For the trip here, Jeni and I were in the van with Charlie, Jason, Al, Chase, and some older people.

To sum things up:

Jason is not coming back to school next semester.  Jeni, being the loving and caring person she is, spent a lot of time talking to him and encouraging him.  I began to get a little jealous.  We talked about it and got things cleared away.  Mainly, I was upset with myself because I doubted the way she felt about me.

She told me about several times before when she was jealous of Lisa, Michelle, Ellen, and other girls because I had spent time talking with them.

It was nice to know we were protective of one another.

The trip was long but fun.  We are all sleeping in little cots spread out across a large room in this church.  The morning will come quick.

I will learn a lot this week.  Not just about hanging dry wall, but about life itself.


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