January 2, 1995 – Monday – 11:55 p.m.

This is my first entry for 1995!

On the 31st of December, Dad and I drove to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia and met up with Jeni and her mom and dad.

We all ate lunch together at Shoney’s.

On the ride back to Cincinnati, Jeni and I simply held each other and slept most of the way.

It was good to see her again, hold her again, and kiss her again.

That night after midnight, during the first minutes of 1995, we opened each others Christmas gifts to each other.  She liked what I got her.  She even sort of cried.  I loved what she got me, some really nice clothes and an amazing winter coat.  I mean, this stuff must have cost hundreds of dollars.

Yesterday, we just spent time with each other doing different things.  We ate dinner at one of her grandmother’s house last night.

Today, we went to see Nell.  It was great!  Jodi Foster did an awesome job.

It’s good to be here in Cincinnati in 1995.

We leave Saturday, so I have a whole week here in this beautiful city with my beautiful girl.

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