December 17, 1994 – Saturday – 9:20 a.m.

Last night Jeni and I plus Tracey, Derek, Ellen, and Rachel had a little party and we exchanged presents.  Jeni and I bought Tracey an Acappella tape and song book; they are one of her favorite groups.  And we bought Rachel a butterfly thing.  She likes butterflies.  I got a bald eagle calendar from Tracey, a little eagle magnet from Rachel, plus a lot of candy from Ellen.

Jeni and I will have our Christmas on New Year’s Day.  Here are my plans:

I have an exam today and I have one on Tuesday.  Jeni leaves on Tuesday.  I leave Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.  Will work at McDonald’s back home on Thursday and Friday.  Jonathan will be in town.  We still communicate through email.  He has filed independent and is paying for his own education.  I miss him so much.

Saturday, Christmas Eve, we will go to Virginia.  I will see my dad and I will stay with him and my grandparents until next Saturday the 31st.  He will then drive me out towards Ohio and I will meet Jeni halfway and spend the next week with her and then go on the missions trip down to Georgia.  And then back to school.

It’s going to be a fun next few weeks.

Thank you Lord.


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