December 4, 1994 – Sunday – 1:15 a.m.

Jeni and I went to a movie in Boone today (Saturday), but first we went to go visit with Dana from the High Falls youth group.  She attends App. State.  We talked a lot and played Taboo for a few hours.  It was a blast!

Disney re-released The Lion King for the Holiday Season, so Jeni and I went to that.  I love that movie so much.  Jeni had never seen it.  She cried.

I thought of Deep Creek; slowly but surely I am discovering and remembering.

We ate at Wendy’s afterwards and then went back home.

It was a great day.  An unbelievable day.

I am in love with Jeni.

That is what consumes my thoughts.

It is difficult to write about anything else.


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