November 1, 1994 – Tuesday – 6:30 p.m.

Today went okay.  I took a little nap this afternoon.  I got a letter from Kristin, she’s well.  I miss her.  In about 11 days I will visit home for a short time.  I will see Scott, Tim, Pastor Steve and Shurby.  I will visit the Neals and Cheryl.  And of course I’ll see Ryan, Christi, Jenna, and Tenielle.

It will affect me somehow.  Of that I can be sure.

Jeni will be with me though, so that will bring out the change that people will see in me even more.

It snowed a little today.  You can see it up on Beech Mountain.  But it didn’t stick down here.

I will see Jeni in two days.

I just want to run to her and give her a big hug and simply hold her.  That is all.

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