November 1, 1994 – Tuesday – 1:10 a.m.

Earlier today (Monday) I ran into Ellen and Suzanne and we, on the spur of the moment, went up to the very top of Beech Mountain.  I honestly believe that I saw the whole world.

Several years ago there was a small amusement park up there called The Land of Oz and the yellow brick road is still there.  It’s a little run down, but it was amazing to actually find a true yellow brick road on top of this huge mountain.  Purely magical.  Suzanne was so amazed, she took a brick.  After we returned she gave it to me.  I don’t want it, I feel like it should have stayed on the mountain.  When Jeni gets back I’ll take her up there and we’ll put it back together.  Then I can hold her hand and stroll down the yellow brick road on top of the world.


The concert was great tonight.  The Holy Spirit was there.  So many young people came to know Christ.  I really like this church.  I know Jeni would have enjoyed it tonight.

Afterwards, Charlie and Jason and I watched Jurassic Park on video.

And today was the first full day in six weeks in which I haven’t kissed Jeni.

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