October 14, 1994 – Friday – 2:20 p.m.

Things are sort of okay.

Our performance of the Of Mice and Men scene went great this morning.  People said it was the best.

I led the Bible study last night.  Everyone said they loved it.  After it was over, Jeni and I went to the studio, she wanted to dance alone.  I watched her.  She has the most beautiful body.

Today however, has been rough, and I can sum it up in two words: spiritual warfare.

It seems that people in the Bible Study are being attacked.  Charlie and Jason and Olivia have been taking crap from non-Christians on campus.  Jeni and I have been hearing stuff that isn’t true about our relationship.  It seems like the devil is trying to bog us down.  But I’m not going to let him.

My roommate is gone for the weekend.  Homecoming is this weekend.

Fall Break begins Wednesday.

I have four tests on Monday.

Truthfully, I want to get away from here for a little while and spend time with Jeni and her family in a place very far away.

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