October 4, 1994 – Tuesday – 2:40 p.m.

Mattress opens tomorrow night.  It hurts very much every time I put on that goatee.  I hate spirit gum.

I got a letter from Cheryl today.  She sent me some pictures.  I’m not sure if she is coming to see Mattress or not.  I think she is.  Last night I didn’t get back home until 1:30 a.m.  Mattress lasted until midnight and then I had to rehearse a scene from Of Mice and Men.

I’ll see my mom within the next week.  She will meet Jeni.  So will Cheryl and Ryan and Christi.

This play has complicated my life so much.  I’m not going to try out for Dinning Room.  I’m simply going to take it easy and enjoy everything again.  Enjoy simple things like the wind.

I’ve talked to Jeni today, but I haven’t seen her.  I’ll see her around five o’clock I hope.

Thank you for her Lord.

It does look like I’ll be going home with her for fall break.  That should prove to be very interesting.

I’ll met new people up there to add to the collection.


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