October 2, 1994 – Sunday – 1:55 a.m.

Last night (Friday) I spent a lot of time with Jeni.  We watched Quantum Leap and then just talked and made out some.  She trusts me.  She gets so close to me and kisses me so beautifully.

Tonight her and I and Tracey, Glenda, Kim, Rachel, Gayle and a girl named Andy ate pasta and cake while we watched An Affair to Remember and some of Far and Away in Gayle’s room; she is the RD of Virginia Dorm.

We had a huge tech rehearsal for Mattress.  It lasted about five hours.

Charlie’s grandmother is very sick and dying.  He is going to see her tomorrow so I’m going to go to church with Jeni and Tracey.

I love you Jesus.

Thank you.

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