September 22, 1994 – Thursday – 11:05 p.m.

It has been a great day.

I met Jeni for dinner at five o’clock.  Afterwards we went up to her room and played Balderdash.  From there we went to rehearsal and then to Bible Study, and then back to her room.  She just now walked me back to my dorm.  I gave her a hug and said, “goodnight.”

She is so pretty.  She gets so close to me.  She holds my hand.  This girl is wonderful.

I found something out tonight; Pastor Steve cancelled the Carowinds trip for the youth group for some reason.  I found this out from Kevin.  He had already bought a ticket so he is going to go with the High Falls youth group.  This means that Marcus, Jenna, Tenielle, and Cheryl aren’t going.  I won’t see them.  They won’t see me.  Perhaps this is good.

I will see Kevin though.

Do you remember that Aladdin coin that Jonathan and Ryan gave to me?  I was suppose to wish on it and then give it to someone else.  I finally made a wish on it and gave it to Jeni tonight.  Tracey wanted her to wish on it and then give it to her, but Jeni kept it.  She asked me what I wished for and I hesitated at first, but I told her.  I wished that I would never have to say goodbye to her and that she would always be nearby.

Cheris and other people like James and my lady partner in Mattress have asked me about the two of us.  I told Charlie about her and what happened today.  He said he was jealous because I have a Christian girl.

I called my mom and told her about Jeni.  I basically wanted her to pray for us.

She is meeting me for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow.  Then the next day will be wonderful.

My life here is so good.  You deserve all the glory God!  Thank you for preparing this place for me!

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