September 19, 1994 – Monday – 12:50 a.m.

I went to church with Charlie this morning (Sunday).  Jeni, Tracey, and Rachel came too.  Jeni and I sat together.  We both went to the Sunday School lunch thing in the school’s cafeteria afterwards.  And tonight she came with me to Sharon’s house (you know, the family with the three daughters from church).  We got back after visitation hours were over and Jeni and I were going to study in her room, but we both got written up since it was past eleven o’clock.  We thought visitation was over at one o’clock.

So, we just went outside and studied (or so-called studied).  We really just talked about a bunch of different things that had nothing to do with Religion class.  I was cold, so she rubbed my back.  She sat so close to me.  I love the way she looks at me.  Those eyes of hers.

Dear God, I really like this girl and she really likes me.  And she is my age.  This has never happened before.

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