September 6, 1994 – Tuesday – 2:12 p.m.

Classes went well today.  I got a letter from Cheryl.  She told me how much she misses me and she said that there were a lot of things she wanted to say to me, but never did.  The main one was that she had a crush on me from the moment she met me.  Wow!  But I guess I’m not that surprised.  It’s what happens when people spend a lot of time together, they grow close together.

My first real rehearsal is tonight.  The first of many, not only for this play but for many plays to come.  I claim it in the name of Jesus!

All of this is simply for experience.  If I ever do become an actor, then praise God, but more importantly I want to be directed, directed by Jesus.

I am becoming the me he wants me to be.



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