August 26, 1994 – Friday – 11:55 p.m.

The summer of 1994 is coming to a close.

So much happened, more than any other summer I’ve experienced.  From discovering how perverted my dad is and throwing all his porn away to doing phone pranks with Jenna and Tenielle; from hiking the Shenandoah river to tubing down Indian Creek Falls; from watching the night time ocean with Jonathan to puking my guts out during Forrest Gump…and so many little moments to: Ryan’s green eyes, reconnecting with Christi, and the countless hours of perfection when it was just Jenna and Tenielle and I hanging out on their trampoline.

But a storm is coming.  I’m sitting here on my branch and I can see it.

I try to hold on, but only one more day remains.

I called Kristen yesterday to say goodbye.  She is so sweet.  I’m glad I met her.  She was my “new-found Fishnet friend.”  That’s what she called me.  

I finally got a hold of Jonathan.  He is great.  He says his roommate is just like him.

Tonight was my last night at work.  I have enjoyed my job at McDonald’s.  It was really fun.  Thank you Lord for letting me work there.  I kept that job for 15 months.

Cheryl and Ryan and I had planned to do something tomorrow, but the two of them had plans to leave for the beach with a lot of other friends. So, I just went over there after work tonight.  A girl named Adrian came over.  She is sweet and fun to be around.  We all went to Ryan’s house and then to the football game at Lee Senior.  I had the gas card with me so I bought both Ryan and Adrian $5 of gas.  Adrian couldn’t believe I bought her gas since I didn’t know her.

While we were at Ryan’s house, Amy gave me a letter saying goodbye.  I hugged her and her mom.

I had fun at the game.  I saw Christi, Hank, and Jason and talked to them.  They found a bunch of friends and then we all headed out together.  When we got to my car, I gave Ryan, Cheryl, and Adrian a hug and said goodbye.  Cheryl said Adrian is a really great and outgoing person and that she suggested to Ryan and that she could drive her and Cheryl up to the mountains to visit me sometime.  That would be awesome!

I went to see Veronica and her family afterwards and spent about an hour with them.  Veronica couldn’t believe my haircut.  Both her and Sherry were on their way to bed, so I gave them both a hug.  I talked with Shirley and Scott for a while.  I told them I would come by tomorrow and see them one last time before I left.

I have one more day to sit on this branch and sing.

One more day until the storm will blow me away.

One more day to find me here.

One day more.

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