August 15, 1994 – Monday – 9:50 p.m.

I spent the day with Kenny.  All he talked about was Jessica.  He took her out Saturday night, and they both had a good time.  Boy does he have it bad for her now.  We went out to eat and rode around.  He is staying with Tony’s brother’s family.  They are really nice.

The dad of the family plays catch with their two sons and they all eat dinner at the table at the same time and they even hold hands while they pray.  I wish our family was like that.

Then Kenny came back here and we talked about Jessica.  She leaves for Sweden on Wednesday morning.  He is going to bring her flowers.  And he’s considering going to Sweden to see her later on.  I thought it was a crazy idea, but I helped him call a travel place to find out how much plane tickets actually are.  We’ll see.

The next 12 days of my life will be spent here.  And many days after that will not.

It’s all coming to an end.  I can’t believe it.  What did it all mean?  What was all of this for?  Why do I keep asking myself unanswerable questions?

Everything is so good now.  I have so many friends and there is no tension between any one, except for Cheryl and Joel of course, but the point is, my life is so good.

Perhaps that is why I have to leave.  It’s going to be hard to start over, but I will make it and my life will start anew in the mountains.

I got some information in the mail reminding me that I have to audition for Once Upon A Mattress.  It is a requirement for my scholarship.  The auditions are on August 31st and September 1st and require a song and dance routine.  I’ve never auditioned for anything.  Oh boy!

But my God is with me.

One more Sunday.

Two more Wednesdays.

Two more Saturdays.

By the way things look at the moment, my life here might just have a happy ending.

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