August 12, 1994 – Friday – 3:45 p.m.

Cheryl called me this morning.  She had broken up with Joel earlier.  He called her and she told him that he wasn’t the same person she began liking in the first place.

She said that he acted like a jerk.

Well anyway, Marcus just called me and Joel just called him.  It looks like Marcus and I will go spend the night at his place after we get off work.  Cheryl says he really needs someone right now.  Rebecca tells me that he has started smoking and well…I’m going to be his friend.  He hasn’t hurt me yet.

He also just got fired from his job and his car is giving him trouble.

Sunday night I believe I’m going to try and see Forrest Gump again after youth group in High Falls.  Hopefully I won’t spend half the movie puking my guts out like I did last time.

The end is getting closer.

I wonder if my ending in this place will be a happy ending or a tear-jerker.

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