July 16, 1994 – Saturday – 10:12 p.m.

I’m at Jenna and Tenielle’s house. We just got back from youth group. Jenna wants to write something in here just for the heck of it:

Hello! Jacob, get out of your weird mood! And guess what? Your bones stick out. Bye-bye. Love you. Jenna.

Okay, well that made a lot of sense. I’ll explain my mood to you later, but first I must explain what has been going on.

Jonathan and I got home around 6:00 a.m. I didn’t unpack, I went straight to Sanford with Kevin and Marcus. Kevin was working, after breakfast Marcus and I went to church because there was some sort of women’s ministry summer fest thing and they needed us to be clowns for the kids. Jenna and Tenielle came up later. We all had fun I guess. It was good to see them.

I fell asleep near the end of it, since I was tired from driving so much. It was over around 2:00 p.m. We all went to get Kevin and then went to Jenna and Tenielle’s. I got a haircut for free and slept some more. I slept really well. Then the five of us left for youth group.

Amy was there and I got a chance to talk to her later in the evening. We talked about how we all used to be so close, but now how she hates Christi. I’ll not get into that now, since it has no purpose.

But Ryan came to pick her up and I saw her. She had just gotten off work. She said she was sweaty and she wanted me to feel how sweaty she was. I touched her face and I looked into her green eyes. It was the same Ryan, but different.

As for my mood, when we were over here at Jenna and Tenielle’s I stayed away from everyone for the simple reason that I prefer the way Jenna and Tenielle act when they are not around Kevin or Marcus. Jenna and I talked about that right before she wrote what she did and she said that she enjoys me more when it is just the three of us (Jenna, Tenielle, and myself).

I called Kristen earlier in the day. She made me feel happy. She said she would come to my church either tomorrow or the next Sunday. I tried to get a hold of Hannah, but I couldn’t. Kristen said that she tried to call me at my house because they were going to see Forrest Gump tonight. But since I told them I had youth group and since Kenny couldn’t make it, they decided to change it to Monday.

It’s hard being involved with two youth groups in two different counties, neither of which I live in. Tomorrow I must find some way to get to the High Falls Youth Group, so I can watch the video from Fishnet. It will be like reliving the best four days of my life.

Oh, Tenielle wants to write in my journal now to:

Hello, I just wanted to tell you this because you might not think it is true: Even though sometimes I don’t act like I care about you, I really do! But if you are always going to be in one of your weird moods, well, no wonder I’m not talking to you! But no matter what, I still love you. Always remember that, okay?!
Love always,


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