June 28, 1994 – Tuesday – 11:45 p.m.

It’s pretty late.  I just got back from work.

Today I went to Asheboro with Jonathan.  We just went shopping.  I bought some sunglasses.  I learned today that I did a very smart thing.  I sort of got away from Jenna and Tenielle recently because I saw what is currently happening on the horizon.

I got away because I didn’t want to get hurt.

Kevin and Marcus really chase after and pursue girls they are interested in.

Me?  Well I just let it happen.  I don’t chase and pursue, I sit back and observe and let things develop naturally.

Well it worked.  This all doesn’t matter to me anymore and therefore it doesn’t hurt.

Jenna and Tenielle…well everything lasts for a season.

Marcus kissed Jenna on the cheek Sunday night.  Like I said, they are only objects in the rear view mirror.

But somewhere out there is a girl who will not be an object in the rear view mirror.  She will be a passenger in my car, my soul.  We will journey down the highway together, over the mountains, down into the valleys, together forever.

Somewhere in the world tonight she is asleep.  Where ever you are, I am coming to you.  And I will be there soon to take away your pain.



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