June 25, 1994 – Saturday – 9:50 p.m.

This isn’t supposed to be happening.  I should be getting further away.

Not closer.

Today was amazing!

Okay…I got up a little after five and I went to McDonald’s with Kevin and Marcus; Kevin had to work.  Marcus and I ate breakfast, waited around, talked to a girl who worked there, and went to band practice.  It was fun.  We had skit practice afterwards and Pastor Steve directed a great skit that we’ll do tomorrow.

Nana and Trish were there…I hadn’t seen them since May 26, about a month ago.  After skit practice, Nana and Trish and Marcus and I went Roller Skating.  Trish and I skated together.  A boy came up to me and said that there was a girl who liked me.  He pointed her out to me.  She had pretty eyes.  Then he said that I could “get some” from her.  I had to explain to him that I was a Christian and that I’m not like that and that I’m going to wait until I’m married to have sex.

He is only 12 and I got a chance to talk to him about Jesus some.

We stayed there for about three hours and then went to eat at Mr. Gatti’s.  We talked a lot and decided to go ice skating Monday night up in Cary.

After that we went to McDonald’s.  Trish drove me everywhere.  Nana let Marcus drive her car.

Kevin had already left and went to the Neals.  Trish made me play in the balls with her in the Playland thing.  We were throwing balls at each other; those things hurt.  Then the girl that Marcus and I talked to that morning came out there.  Her name is Danielle; she’s cool.

We got Kevin and went to youth group. Tonight’s message was nice.  I needed that.  Jenna talked to me though, she said I wasn’t the same person.  

But she doesn’t know that I am getting closer to who I am supposed to be.

I told her that my time here is almost over and that I’m moving on.

“Will you still be my friend?” she asked.

“Always,” and then I hugged her.

I talked to Tenielle on the phone from the Skating Ranch earlier.  She’s well.

The day contained more of course.  Trish was so easy to talk to.  After youth group she asked me for my phone number.

Scott did get off work to go to Deep Creek and he got a new Motorcycle which he’ll probably drive and I will probably ride on the back part of the way.

Today I got close to people.

That shouldn’t happen.

I laughed so much.

If the summer continues like today, everywhere I go, then leaving this place will be harder than I thought.

The fellowship is tomorrow.  It could all change then.

But I know I will just enjoy it and not let it go to my head.

Thank you Lord.

Thank you for the pink sunset you showed the world tonight.

But most of all, I thank you for showing me that another sun can easily rise again.  And it’ll always be different than the others before.

I felt it tonight…the love.  The world was in perfect harmony.  It was alright.

It was perfect.

I know that it probably won’t last.

But I’m having too much fun to care.


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