June 8, 1994 – Wednesday – 11:55 p.m.

It was a good night.  Joel is over here right now.  We’ve been playing Monopoly.  Marcus won.

Joel is leaving now.

Before I tell you about tonight, I must say that tomorrow, the 9th of June, will be a wonderful day.  First is graduation practice, then the senior picnic.  Afterwards, we’ll go to Jenna and Tenielle’s for the pool party and I’ll have to tell you something about that later.

As for tonight…Anne is singing with us up on stage again.  Megan gave me a graduation card; it was really funny.  After church I talked to Jenna.  She was so funny tonight as well.  We were all talking about the pool party and giving everyone this photocopied page with directions on it.

Not thinking, Jenna handed it to me to see if she had the directions right, but on the top of the paper was written: “Surprise Pool Party for Marcus and Jacob’s Graduation!”  Then realizing what she was showing me, she snatched the paper back out of my hand.

Can you believe it?  They are throwing us a party!  No one has ever thrown me a party before.  But my beloved Jenna and Tenielle are.

It feels so good to have them care for me like they do.  I thank you for them Jesus!  I praise your Holy Name!  May we continue to grow closer and be friends forever!


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