May 14, 1994 – Saturday – 5:50 p.m.

Friday night was one of the greatest nights of my life.  It was special for two reasons: the revival service I attended where the Lord showed up and for the people I was with, mainly two beautiful flowers.

Thursday I called Jenna and Tenielle.  Jenna was so happy and excited. It was her mom’s birthday and they just got finished throwing her a surprise party.  We had a nice talk and I asked the two of them if they wanted to go with me to Marcus’s spring concert at my school on Sunday.  They said yes.

Wednesday night when I talked to Cheryl on the phone she told me that Shurby didn’t want the “young one’s” going with the youth group Friday night.  Shurby had to preach in Danville and he wanted us to go with him.  I felt bad when I was talking to Jenna and Tenielle Thursday because I wanted them to come on Friday.  But Cheryl told me not to tell them, so I stayed quiet.  It was kind of weird because Jenna and Cheryl are the same age.  Anyway, I figured if Shurby wanted them to come then he would invite them himself.

I got off work for Friday and Kevin got a ride to church from college.  Our car was a bit messed up, so I couldn’t drive to Sanford, instead the youth group was going to pick me up since I was on the way to Danville.

I was waiting outside on the porch and after a long wait two vans and a car finally drove up.  Shurby told me to get in the van he was in.  I opened the slide door and there I saw my Jenna and my Tenielle.  I couldn’t believe it!  They were here!  They came!

It was about a two hour drive.  A two hour drive with them!  It was wonderful.  I braided Tenielle’s hair, she gave me a massage.  Jenna was so funny that night.  Tenielle accidentally hit me in the mouth and I started bleeding.  Jenna kept touching my face and playing with my hair.


I don’t know, but I love it when she does.

The service was amazing!  A lot of people were healed spiritually; including me.  I don’t have to live in this world even though I am here.  

We stopped by McDonald’s and I got a chicken sandwich meal.  When we got back in the van, Jenna sat by me.  We were laughing about something and then Jenna just took hold of my face and squeezed her lips tightly against my cheek.  

She kissed me!  

At first I didn’t realize that she did it.  I was still laughing.  Then it hit me.  I don’t know why she did it, but, again, I’m glad she did.

Eventually we all tried to go to sleep.  I was sitting sideways in the seat and then Tenielle leaned her body on my back.  She put her right hand on my shoulder and together we both fell gently asleep.  Our hearts beating so close to each other.  

Our entire lives right there were pressed together for the peaceful expanse of an hour.

For that hour, the whole world was right.  And it was as though the whole world paused to take notice.  As though all of time, before and afterward, was for me to experience that one hour of perfect peace.

I know that if there is one constant in life, it is change.  But throughout my collection of eyes and smiles that builds and grows as I pass through time, those two flowers will never be replaced.  My heart will hold a special place for them and these eight months we will have spent together.

I will never let anything replace them.


I arrived home.  Tenielle gave me a hug and I went into my so called home and went to bed.  

When I awoke this morning, I discovered along with the rest of my family, that Nate had the chicken pox.  After I took a shower, Henry and I went to get the car out of the shop.  I drove it to McDonald’s to pick up my check, then, on my way home, the car cut off on me and I couldn’t get it started.  A mechanic stopped and helped me get it back to the shop where it still remains.

In the morning, Henry has some detective thing he has to do, so he’s not going to church.  Mom will have to stay home with Nate and I’m not insured on the other car.

In other words, I have no way to church!

I called Mike, but I can’t go with them.  I called Jonathan, but no one was home.

How am I going to get Jenna and Tenielle to bring them back for Marcus’s concert?

God, I beg of you, please provide a way.  Please.


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