April 6, 1994 – Wednesday – 12:20 a.m.

It just turned Wednesday, but to me it is still Tuesday.

Nate and I left around 11:20 to go to Jenna and Tenielle’s.  They’re mom had to take someone to the hospital so she didn’t cut my hair until later.  Louie and some other friends of Jenna and Tenielle’s were over.  They were all helping fix up the yard.  I helped.

Tenielle asked me if I read Marcus’s letter.  I simply said, “I haven’t taken it out of my wallet since I put it in there.”  She said, “good.”  But the truth is I put it in my wallet after I read it.  She acts like she wants me to read it though.  Girls…

We all had fun today.  It was another best day of my life.  We joked around and ate spaghetti for lunch.  It was only us there most of the day because their mom was out for a long time.  Tenielle told me that Louie was jealous because her and Jenna always hug on me all the time.  But there is nothing for him to be jealous of, trust me.  After their mom came back and she cut my hair, we all went to Pizza Hut.  Nate acted crazy.

After we got back, Nate and I left to go home since it was close to 7:00 p.m.

I just got finished writing Jenna a letter.  She told me to write her one and to type it so I did.

I guess I was noticing Tenielle a little more than normal, but something would be wrong me if I didn’t.  

Tonight I prayed as usual and this is what the Lord told me, “Jacob, you must live on.  Your life is a story, a story we are writing together.  You must live and you must write.  You must go on.  For in the end, great will be your reward.”

I almost cried.

I will live on.

I will write it down.

And it is normal for my emotions to get in the way when I spend time with girls as wonderful and as beautiful as Jenna and Tenielle.  I’m human.

I have my own story.  A story which no one else will live.

I will write this story.

This is my story.


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