March 31, 1994 – Thursday – 6:20 p.m.

The end of March is here.

I’ll be out of school in 41 days.  Last night, Jonathan, Marcus and I went to Sanford earlier than usual just so we could rollerblade at the park.

Jonathan is going to his mom’s for Spring Break.  She lives right on the beach in Wilmington.  I might go with him; I’m not sure.

We got to church an hour early.  I skated through the neighborhoods around there.  I busted my butt one time really bad.  This family was outside and they saw me.  It hurt!

Oh, yesterday I gave blood at school.  I got a little dizzy but I was okay.  It was fine.

Jonathan and Marcus went to get something to eat while I was skating.  When I got back to the church, they were gone, but guess who was there?  Jenna and Loraine and Louie.  Did I tell you about Louis?  He is this 14-year-old who lives near Jenna and Tenielle.  His sister is like Jenna’s best friend.

Tenielle was at Wayne’s for trumpet lessons.  I talked to Jenna a very little bit.  That distance is there again.  When Tenielle came she apologized again for reading my journal and gave me a letter.  She also hugged me and said that I could trust her.

The service last night was great.  I don’t only want Jesus to be my Lord, but I want to be his friend.

Today, I spent three out of the four periods in the library working on my research paper.  I got it done at 5:15 p.m. this evening.

I feel so much better now that it’s done.  We only had three weeks to write it.

Well hopefully Jonathan will call soon and tell me if its okay that I tag along with him to Wilmington.  See ya!

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