April 1, 1994 – Friday – 9:50 p.m.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I turned my research paper in today.  It felt so good to finish it.  After school I went with Wynne and Mark to a little restraint in Goldston.  Wynne took me home.  I felt a little sick this afternoon, but I got better once I got to work.

Work was a little hectic.  But I got through it.  During work, I, for some reason, felt something that reminded me of how I felt back in the summer of ’93 when I would work on Fridays knowing that tomorrow I’d see Ryan. 

Those Fridays are gone now.

Cheryl tells me Ryan has a boyfriend.  I’m happy for her.  I wonder if she’ll ever come back to church?  Looking back, I wouldn’t have done anything different when it comes to Ryan.  Sure, I could have saved myself a lot of pain, but everyone should get hurt; it helps their character.  I could have done things differently, and saved myself from the hurt, but I would have missed out on great times and memories.

I found my old eighth grade yearbook yesterday.  I thought I had lost it.  It was in my closet. 

Kenny came over last night.  He helps on the track team at Central and this girl asked him to the prom.  He called her from my house last night to tell her ‘yes.’  It was funny watching how nervous he was.  He says he is going to come Skating on Monday night.  It’s Christian Skate Night again!

I called Jonathan yesterday and he said his mom had planned a day for them to go to Myrtle Beach since it was her fiancé’s birthday.  She had made reservations at some place.  I didn’t want to get in the way, so I’m not going.

Jonathan and Vicky broke up.  Jonathan is seeing this girl named Sara who lives in Carthage.

Tomorrow we have a ministry thing starting at 11:00 a.m.  That means no youth group that night and hopefully Henry will let me go to Greensboro to see Schindler’s List.

April has arrived.  Can you believe it?  Jenna told Marcus that she wants me to write her.  I haven’t done it yet.  I got a letter from Tammy yesterday.  She is doing great.  She said she still has a crush on me.  I miss her.  I want to see her again.

Tonight after work I went to Peter’s.  He had this CD with different versions of Canon in D on it.  So I went to buy a tape and I stayed there and recorded a copy.  I love that song so much.

It’s a bummer that I’m not going to the beach.  I need to get away from here for a while.  I need to get away so I can appreciate this place again.

Something must change.  There are 40 days left of school.  Hopefully something will change after that; you know, before it all changes.

My mom got a job today.  It is up in Pittsboro.  We were all happy.  I don’t know what I’m going to do during Spring Break.  Hopefully something will come up.  I’m sort of sick of always having someone with me.  I wish Marcus had his own car.  I can’t do all the stuff I really want to because he is always with me.  Maybe it’s wrong to think this way, but he does get in the way sometimes. 

I can’t wait until Monday; I’m going to skate with the Roller Blades.

Perhaps I’ll clean my closet out this weekend.  No, that will probably hurt too much.

Whether it is for the better or not:  everything has changed.


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