March 17, 1994 – Thursday – 2:41 a.m.

Marcus is over here.  He’s typing his research paper due tomorrow.

Today (Wednesday) was awesome.  It’s real early Thursday morning, but to me it is still Wednesday.  It was awesome in a different way.

Jonathan and I went to Sanford.  He had to take care of something before church.  We had some spare time so we borrowed Andy’s Roller Blades and went rollerblading at Kiwanis Park.  Then we went to Taco Bell and Jonathan dared me to go in with the Roller Blades still on.  I did.  Everyone was staring.

Then on our way to take them back, I got out on the road and held onto the open door while Jonathan drove a few blocks.  It was pretty exciting.  Something else happened, but I’ll tell you about that later.

It’s late/early and I’m tired.

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