March 11, 1994 – Friday – 9:40 p.m.

Well, it doesn’t look like we will be going to see Carman tomorrow.  The car broke down.  But there is Bus Ministry and Youth Group, so it will still be fun.

I worked tonight.  It went better than the past Fridays.  My mom is in California for her brother’s wedding.

There are 11 weeks of school left.

Fifty-five days.

It’s scary in a way.

Today my Computer Applications II class had a little party; just for the heck of it.  There are a lot of quality people in my senior class.  On my Macbeth video, I made a 99.  It was the highest grade in the class.  Everything has been simple these past few days.  

I wish I could talk to Jenna right now. 

Or Christi.

But that’s the way things go I suppose.

I’m waiting…

I want something new, something fresh.

I hope this summer brings me something new; while I continue with what is here now.

What do you do when you want something you can’t have?  I suppose you call it a winter dream and move on.

I did that before.  And it’s okay now.  So, I guess I’ll do it again.

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