March 8, 1994 – Tuesday – 5:30 p.m.

It has been three months since I first talked to Tenielle and I thought my life was repeating.  But what I thought was wonderful trouble, just turned out to be a wonderful friendship.

Things are going great now.  I believe we’re all going to go see Carman in concert this weekend.  It’s been a good three months.  We’ve done so much.  All of the VIPs, all the Saturdays when we jumped on the trampoline, the nightie went bowling, the Christian Skate nights, U & I, all of the letters, and so much more.

Five months left.  Things could change.  But I don’t know.

Today was really warm.

Spring is here.

I made it through the cold winter.  Some areas were rough, but overall, it wasn’t bad.  I lost something though.  But then I gained some more.  I might see some leaves from that tree blow by me, but I don’t believe I’ll ever climb it again.  I know I’ll see Christi again, but I don’t think I’m what Christi is looking for.  I might be what she needs, but that is a little different.  Jenna and I are normal.  It is hard to open up to her, but that will come in time.  I’m getting to know they’re mom really well.  She’s cool.

Today, my Pre-Calculus teacher said that he heard I was headed for Hollywood.  He was referring to my video for English.  He heard about it somehow.  Other people told me the same thing.  Hopefully this is the first of many films.  This one is only eight minutes long, but it caught everyone’s attention.

Yes, some dreams will come true and I’m sure some will fall through.  And yes, the time to say goodbye to a few of those dreams will come in five months so that I can pursue the others.

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