March 1, 1994 – Tuesday – 10:52 p.m.

Let me finish with the weekend.  Sunday morning everyone got ready to go to Christine’s church.  We got there and it was huge.  It was a Methodist Church and it was sort of boring.  In front of us sat a kid with his dad and the kid kept sticking his finger in his dad’s ear and messing with his bald spot.  The dad didn’t do anything.

I busted out laughing.  I felt so bad.

We ate lunch there and then headed back to Fayetteville.  I missed my church, but I had fun.  At Kevin’s college, I watched the Power of One again.  He rented it.  It felt like summer again.

We went home, met some Christians at Burger King on the way in and it hit me: I had been away.  Away from my regular way of life for two days.  Marcus went with me.  I was around new people.  At the concert I saw tons of beautiful girls; Christian girls I didn’t know.  It was good to get away.  I had better get used to it.

It’s March now.

Five and a half months.

I need to train myself for College life.  I need to pray in a good roommate.  These 5 1/2 months will be over very soon.

Too soon.

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