February 1, 1994 – Tuesday – 9:20 p.m.

Before I explain the weekend, I will explain the first day of February to you.

We had an assembly today, it was about Africa.  There was a display also.  Looking at it, I thought of Ryan.  She wanted to be a missionary in Africa.  Now, I wonder if that will happen.  No, I still believe in her.  I won’t join everyone else.

Sunday was a great day.  We did a skit that we had practiced on Saturday.  I directed it.  It was about abortion.  People were crying.  I was a crippled, aborted baby and everyone including Shar, Tenielle, and Jenna said I looked incredibly real.

I’ve received two letters from Jenna and Tenielle since the last one, but I’m not going to write them in here.  They’re too long.  Jenna and Tenielle weren’t at the evening service.  Their mom still hasn’t gotten the transmission fixed in their car.

Saturday was another one of those “best days of my life” days.  We had band practice then skit group.  Both were wonderful times.  Afterwards, Marcus and I went shopping and then to visit Veronica’s family.  While over there, we watched Toys.  A weird movie.

Veronica was leaning on me while we were watching it; like the way she used to back in the days when…well, you know.  We left around quarter to six because I had talked to Tenielle on the phone earlier in the day and asked them if they needed a ride to youth group.  They did, so we went to pick them up.  The conversations we had that day are like diamonds to me.  Jenna is an amazing girl.

That night, after we took them back home, we jumped on their trampoline.  We laughed so hard.  I didn’t leave their house until 11:30 p.m.  Jenna is so beautiful; there is a beauty about her that I’ve never seen before.  She is getting to know me too well, because now she can tell when the slightest thing is wrong with me.  She always wants me to tell her a story about something I’ve done.

I wrote her a letter today.  I haven’t given it to her yet.  At the bottom of it I wrote the following to end the letter.  I wonder if she will figure it out:


If I had my way, this is the way the alphabet would be

But I don’t think the world will let me.”

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